With the widespread use of contraband and prescription drugs by many individuals who want to enhance their careers or just take the drugs to get a high, it is becoming increasingly important to do a drug screen test before employment in order to ensure the company gets quality workers and that production will not be affected by these drug abusing individuals.

Do not be surprised if the Human Resource Executive of the firm or company you are applying for a job at asks you to go to their company physician for a drug screening test before they decide to hire you. This should not be looked upon as a doubt on your integrity but as a valuable process that can only guarantee the safety and well being of the other workers in the organization.

As a matter of fact, even you will not like to work with someone who in taking some sort of drug on the sly and making a nuisance of himself on the floor. People on drugs have a way of being unpredictable and they somehow manage to spoil the mood at the place of work. Companies these days understand the need for creating and maintaining a cordial atmosphere that is helpful for the well being of the employees and the over all productivity of the company.

If an individual is taking drugs there may be many things that could prove to be counterproductive. One thing for sure is that the individual will not be reliable and steady. Mood swings will culminate in his or her creating unpleasant scenes for the others at the place of work and then comes the attendance factor. People hooked on some kind of drug are known to absent themselves often from work, this is a direct impact on productivity.

On the part of the companies, it is important that they establish a set way to go about screening employees for use of drugs. At the outset the employers must declare that these drug screening tests are mandatory and all employees are required to undergo the test. If this is not done by the management employees may well refuse to undergo the tests and the entire purpose of the process may be defeated.

There are 2 methods that employment drug screening tests can be performed. One method is to send the employee to a certified drug laboratory or pathology where the pathologist collects urine samples. The second method involves the use of very simple instant test kits that are freely available on the market. The results obtained from the kits are very reliable and they save a lot of time and effort too.

Employment drug screening tests ensure that the company will get mentally and physically fit employees who are a pleasure to work with. This is a pre-employment process and must not be looked down upon by anyone, employer or employee. Having happy, healthy employees will make happy customers and this forms a perpetual process that keeps coming back to create even better working environments.