For the most part, gays and lesbians are not entitled to anti-discriminatory laws present in the workplace. However, with the dawning of a new age where parity in women, cultures and even sexual orientation is currently being pushed, this very orientation is now being changed. Employment discrimination based on sexual orientation is currently prohibited in many states including the District of Columbia. Eighteen states to be exact with six states battling for transgender people against this kind of employment discrimination.

The failure of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to recognize this persistent and prevalent type of employment discrimination gave way for some measures to push for parity. The Office of Personnel Management practices this, such that sexual orientation is included in their “conduct”. This means that employers cannot fire if they base their judgment only on the sexual orientation of the employee.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Act was amended by Executive Order 13152 in 2000. This is to contain the banning of employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. This is still part of the growing resistance over employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. This is to stop sex stereotyping which violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act as propagated by the 1989 Supreme Court ruling. This is in result of a previous case in the person of a woman named Hopkins. She was not promoted to a position apparently because she was displaying a more feminine demeanor. Hopkins received $371,000 in damages plus attorney’s fees.

Archaic gender roles were if not the root of sexual discrimination. This can be seen with the case of Bruno vs. City of Crown Point. It was reflected on the female interview that responsibilities such as attending to the children are a woman’s role. Fortunately now that equality is being strongly pushed for, there are now laws which try deviate people from having the same long held notion.

The advent of political congress is now shaping America into a new era where prejudice is slowly being scrapped of. Sexual discrimination is now being slowly solved due to people, lawyers and even activists who felt that certain rights are being denied with the discrimination.

Cases are piling up with wherein people deviating from the normal gender classification are filing legal complaints over their employers who are fired them they are simply not encompassed by the sexual orientation of the employers. One case demonstrating this very scenario is the case of Jason Reed. He claims that he was fired from getting an approved bereavement for his partner’s deceased father.

There have been numerous efforts in fighting this battle against sexual discrimination. Yet if this law which pushes for lessening discrimination is still in effect, there is much left for us to do.