When students head off to college, most have expectations of graduating with a good paying job. They can see themselves in a nice apartment, having a new car and with plenty of money for fun and entertainment. If that is your dream too and you want to improve your chances for job hunting success, an employment coach is an option that you should consider.

Unfortunately, too many students don’t believe that they must compete for the good jobs. They don’t understand that early, continuous and thorough preparation is the best way to ensure success. To remind them, I tell students that, “The senior year job search actually starts in the freshman year.” However, most students hate to hear that truth statement and don’t start to prepare early enough. That’s why they need a coach.

An employment coach can help students in the following areas:

Identify and Select Employment Goals – Everyone Needs A Target

When students are not clear about their career objectives, a coach can help them zero in on the areas that will compliment their strengths. Since most people are more successful when they are happy in their work, a coach can help students discover the various options and alternatives that are available.

Determine What Needs To Be Done

Many students don’t know what it will take for them to land a good job. They focus on grades alone. However, since most students don’t achieve grades that will put them in the top five or ten percent of their class, they will have to stand out in other ways. A coach can help them find ways to differentiate themselves.

Develop A Plan

Students need both a broad understanding of the employment process and a step-by-step plan that will take them to their goal. A coach will help students identify the activities and performance levels that are needed for employment success. Additionally, a coach will help the student lay out the steps that will significantly enhance their job search campaign.

Coach Students Through the Steps

Most students will feel more confident and are more likely to complete the steps when they know that they have someone who is there with them and for them when they need help. Having a coach available to provide guidance, as students work on the steps, is a way to improve student job search performance and increase employer interest.

Address Problems and Obstacles

Since every student will encounter a few problems and obstacles as they prepare for and conduct their job search, a personal coach will be there to help them make better choices and find better solutions. This will give students the ability to more effectively deal with the problems that arise.

Offer Encouragement

Preparation requires students to work steadily toward their long term goals throughout their entire college experience. That’s why everyone appreciates someone who is there to cheer them on and offer encouragement. We all need that. Every student will appreciate the coach who recognizes their progress and hard work.

Answer Your Questions

Active and involved students will have a million questions, as they prepare for their senior year job search. Having a coach to answer those questions will make any job search easier and more effective.

Of course, most colleges have a Career Services Office. However, many of those offices are understaffed and underfunded. That means that most students will be unable to obtain the kind of personal assistance that they will need to prepare for and conduct an effective job search.

Parents should be coached too. That’s because parents also need that same information, so they can help their children. When parents and children work together to prepare for and conduct the senior year job search, students will have a much greater chance for landing a great job with a respected employer.